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    🎭 Basic Stage Makeup 💄

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    • Introduction

    • Stage Makeup

    • Old Age Makeup

    • Using Your Stipple Sponge

    • Final Tips

Course Instructor

Emily Lafferty

Theatre Teacher / Stage Manager

Emily is a theatre educator teaching across multiple online platforms and with children’s theater companies. Her exceptional reviews are evidence of her ability to create an authentic rapport with her students online or in person. Emily has her Bachelors degree in Theatre from Miami University and a Masters degree in Drama Education from The Ohio State University, where she trained closely with one of the world’s leading educators in “The Mantle of the Expert” and “Dramatic Inquiry” - educational approaches which place the focus of responsibility on students, within a fictional context. She has worked as Stage Manager for a touring theatre company across Switzerland directed shows for outreach programs to get after-school theatre back into schools, and worked for Dramatics Magazine. Growing up living and traveling across Europe and the United States has deeply ingrained in her a world view that enhances her ability to create a welcoming environment for every student in her classroom. In addition to all things theatre, Emily enjoys playing table-top games with her kids and husband, baking, and dancing like no one is watching.