Discover Behind the Iron Curtain

What You'll Learn

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    Behind the Iron Curtain

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    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Europe After World War II

    • 3. Berlin Blockade and Opposition & Uprisings in Eastern Europe

    • 4. The Berlin Wall - The Iron Curtain

    • 5. The Everyday Life

    • 6. The Peaceful Revolution

    • 7. Conclusion

Course Instructor

Torsten Klaus

Film Making Club Leader

As a young boy, Torsten fell in love with a typewriter, a cassette recorder, glue stick and paper. The results were handmade newspapers and audiobook stories. A few years later, he turned his passion into a profession. He became a journalist (TV productions in Berlin) and learned all about editing, screenwriting and interviewing people. After moving to the UK, Torsten also started working in education with children and families (UK NVQ Level III). He has been working in education in the UK, Austria and Portugal for about 15 years.