What You'll Learn

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    History of Modern Music

    • Introduction

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    • Folk 🪕🎶

    • Blues 🔵🎶

    • Jazz 🎷 🎹 🎺

    • Country 🤠 🪕

    • Rock & Roll 🤘🏻

    • Punk Rock 🎸

    • Hip Hop 📼💥

    • House Music 💿🎹

Course Instructor

George Old

Singer Songwriter / Writer

George Old is a singer-songwriter, English literature instructor and a fantasy fiction writer from England. Having grown up in Spain, he returned to London to study a Songwriting Degree in the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance. After playing extensively in pubs and venues all around the city, soaking up the diverse music scene and learning the many different genres and cultures that surround the music of today, he has returned to Barcelona, where he teaches guitar and literature to the young students of the city. He has a passion for music that goes beyond sound and technical ability. He believes that music has a way of healing not only internal wounds, but the collective pain of an entire community. He has seen and studied the importance it holds on modern culture, its ability to spark entire sociopolitical movements and the necessity of its perdurance. And this is precisely what he wants to impart on the students of today.