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ABCs of Acting

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    Introduction to Theatre: ABCs of Acting

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    • Introduction

    • Unit 1. Welcome to Theatre

    • Unit 2. The Stage

    • Unit 3. Movement and Topography

    • Unit 4. Characterization & Objectives

    • Closing & Reflection

Course Instructor

Elana Shyong

Elana Shyong is an applied theatre facilitator, musical theatre director, and educator. Growing up as a Taiwanese-American within the colorful cacophony of Shanghai, China, she was immersed within the extraordinary world of everyday theatre. She found all around her unapologetic diversity, transcendent storytelling, and the importance of community. For her, theatre is less about performing on stage and more about the transformation it can make within people and within spaces. The theatre that resonates the most with is the kind that takes place in people and their own individual growth. Throughout Elana’s practice, she has had the opportunity to witness voices heard, identity established, and confidence grown. She has seen firsthand how applied theatre and play can positively benefit an individual, a company, or a community. And it’s that very growth that Elana would like to share with you.