Discover How to Write a Song

What You'll Learn

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    How to Write a Song

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    • Introduction

    • 1. A Songwriter's Toolkit

    • 2. Parts of a Song

    • 3. Common Song Forms

    • 4. The Major Scale: A Guide to Main Melody and Chord Progressions

    • 5. Writing Lyrics

    • 6. Writing Melodies

    • 7. First Draft

    • 8. Editing

    • 9. Demo

    • 10. Your Unique Voice

Course Instructor

Aimee Bobruk

Songwriter / Filmmaker

Aimee Bobruk, is an independent songwriter and filmmaker. Her original music straddles the genres of American folk and ambient folk pop. Most notably, her self-titled record, /ba.’brook/, was selected by Texas Music magazine as one of top six indie albums released in the state in 2013. Performing Songwriter called the album “nothing short of a work of art.” In addition to performing her own songs and touring across Texas and the southern states, Bobruk collaborates with songwriters and producers worldwide in the music publishing industry. To date, her co-writes have earned her seven European title tracks, two of which were nominated for Grammy Awards in Germany and Norway. In 2015, her pop co-write “Black Swan,” competed in Melodifestivalen to represent Sweden at the International Eurovision Song Contest.