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What You'll Learn

  • 1

    Why Read Music

    • Before you get started, please answer the following questions

    • 1.1. Why is it important to read

  • 2

    Music First Concepts

    • 2.1. Seeing the Pattern

    • 2. 2. The Musical Alphabet

    • 2. 3 Middle C

    • 2. 4 Exploration Letters on the Keys

  • 3

    Your First Song

    • 3.1 Lean on Me

    • 3.2 Exploration: Search for the Term EZ Play

  • 4

    Readable Parts of Music

    • 4.1. Pitch, Rhythm, and Style

    • 4.2. Symbols and Vocabulary

    • 4.3. Exploration: Symbols on the Page

  • 5

    Putting the notes together

    • 6.1. Notes Step Skip Repeat

    • 6. 2. Reading Left to Right / Reading Bottom to Top

    • 6.3. Melody

    • 6.4. Exploration: Ode to Joy

    • 6. 5. Key Signatures

  • 6


    • 7. 1. Intro to Rhythm

    • 7. 2. Anatomy of the Note

    • 7. 3. Rhythm Practice: Frere Jacques

  • 7


    • Outro

    • Post Course Survey

Course Instructor

Pamela Martinez

Educator, Multi-instrumentalist and Composer

Pamela Martinez is a reiki master, educator, multi-instrumentalist and composer who creates music and immersive experiences under the moniker Teletextile. Martinez brings to life music-centered rituals that explore our connections with our inner voices and to each other. Her “Bjork-like" sound (The Boston Globe) moves from vocal layering and “electronic wizardry” (Metronome Magazine) to “dense, stormy guitar, piano and electronics" (Time Out New York). Martinez has toured extensively in the US, Europe, the UK and Asia. As a genre-hopping performer and musician, Martinez has performed violin at Carnegie Hall with a Carnatic Indian music ensemble, sang in San Francisco's historic Fillmore Theater and takes part in performance art happenings in New York City. Her recent directing and performing credits include Whisperlodge. The New York Times dubbed Whisperlodge “an unusual mix of theater and therapy” and has been featured in BuzzFeed, The Atlantic, Netflix, Vice and more with acclaim. Martinez is a San Antonio, Texas native who has spent the 11 years performing and creating in Brooklyn, NY, but she began calling the River City home again in 2018. Martinez creates new work with the Teletextile Ritual Arts Ensemble a group of rotating collaborators that weave together a tapestry of music, movement, reiki and other healing rituals to create a mixture of performance and spiritual practice. Martinez holds a Bachelor's Degree in Music Education from Berklee College of Music in Boston and specializes in creating works of deep listening, sound baths and sonic expressions and passes on the craft of music and wellbeing by teaching and leading workshops at Southtown Music Studio (SATX) located in Mercury Project Contemporary Art Space.